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Q&A with Seagal at Fan Expo Toronto


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Steven Seagal was in Toronto last weekend for the Fan Expo.

Eoin Friel from The Action Elite was at the Q & A with Steven Seagal

I got to meet Legend of Action Steven Seagal who was at the Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend and he did a Q & A where he had a good long chat about his career. He talks about why he has “his own reasons” for not doing The Expendables movies despite being asked on numerous occasions and he talks about Bruce Lee and more.
Sorry abut the audio quality; that was actually his fault for speaking so quietly but it gets better in the second half. Just listen to it under headphones or something. The audio starts after the moderator asks Seagal when he began learning martial arts…
I was quite surprised after meeting him; he was just chilled and zen like, very soft spoken and I gotta be honest I liked him. Yes, there is an obvious ego there but I got to mention that audio screw up with the interview from a few years ago which he laughed about and said “it’s all good brother” so I can finally lay that ghost to rest.


I enjoyed this interview a lot ! He also talks about idk how to spell his name but he talks about Jen LaBelle kinda more towards the end. I enjoyed this a lot thank you for the upload !!!


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Thank you for the video. He talks about the group of people behind the Expendables movies. He definitely means Avi Lerner and his people from Millennium Films. Too bad that they produce The Expendables movies. If it was another studio Steven would certainly be in on of the Expendables movies.
Good video, I enjoyed watching that, he seems to be enjoying the experience. It's such a shame he doesn't appear in more bigger films in maybe an ensemble role, and do more stuff like this. Such a shame he won't do Expendables, but it's obviously because he has a beef with Avi Lerner.