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Rambo V - Sylvester Stallone


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I saw the movie yesterday and allthough it was a great hardcore action movie I had some issues with the movie.

I felt the movie was rushed. You get the feeling that some scenes were missing. For example, Rambo and the bad guys are travelling to places in a blink of an eye without further explanation how they know where to be exactly. So the plot is very very thin. Every scene comes straight to the core. It would be nice if every scene and dialogue would have more breathing space. I hope you guys understand what I mean.

Also it doesn't feel like a Rambo movie. This one doesn't have the tone or the feeling of the other Rambo movies.

I also didn't like the opening sequence. Felt a little bit out of place.

So that was the negative part......

BUT, off course it's about the action. And the action is very hardcore (maybe the last kill was a little bit over-the-top).
Also Sly acted great as John Rambo. I also liked the supporting cast. Yvette Monreal did a great job playing Danielle. Very emotional.
The bad guys are also real a**holes and you can't wait till Rambo kills them. As I mentioned before, I wish there was more time for the bad guys to breath in their role.

For me it's a 7/10