Review : Above The Law


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I'm currently Watching every seagal film in order, some for the first time, some for the tenth or whatever! I'm gonna review each as I watch them, However I am also tracking down the uncut R1 versions of those that need it, so I may take a while.....
With that said: Above the law (Nico)

Easily one of the better steven seagal movies is his feature debut Above the law, Although not the most twisting and brain hurting of plots it is really brutal in violence and that has always been what seagal does best! He is looking really slim and in good shape at this stage in his career, However for me the fights are not long enough and this goes double for the finale. Saying that, The finale does exactly what it needs to and I love when he breaks the old guy's arm as you need to see him suffer a little after what he does to stevie! The movie does seem a little "rough round the edges" but this was ironed out for His next one: Hard to kill.

Story: 3/5
Action: 4/5
Bone breakability: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


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awesome movie.
love the aikido at the beggining and love how he does heaps of aikido moves during it
no subtitles
awesome seagal action. driving and everythign
not really anything to fault
his best!10/10


I have always wanted to say this 'Steven may be above the law-- but he aint above mine' thats why i love making sure in my stories he does gets his kicked and by an girl makes it that much sweeter.. ..