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  • Hello Love Nice To Meet You Dear.
    i love ur profile,
    am miss venesaa
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    Please don't be offended i have more to share with you please write me with my Email ID [venesaaandrew77@hotmail.com] Hope To See You Seen Dear, THANKS Miss Venesaa.
    like i tried to say before looking forward to Stevens next movie if its like all his other good ones this will be right up there at the top
    I will always love him BUT some times i have to let him have it like if he or his cop mates didnt kill that pup whom did?
    I have to agree to disagree Donald he is ONE of the best actors gee he has got an big enough head now
    I know how you feel girl couldnt sleep last night going through the TV stations and came across above the law saw the last bit ..pooh!!!
    Wait a second... You're a girl?? Ooops, my bad ;) Thought I'd check up on ya, see how ya doing and whatnot ;) See you 'round! :)
    Hey girl... it says your not following me anymore. Whats up?
    All the snow we got is finally melted. The weather forecast says ................ one more snow storm before springs get here!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!! NOT!!LOL:D:D:D
    Hi I am harry from Blackpool england uk,
    I am mail and I have female partner, my age 55
    And myself and steven seagal have the birthday but steven is
    four years older, I have 31 of steven films, I will send you list of them one day, hope to hear from soon
    Hi my friend how are you?,,,,,,i have had my heart broken again! Emotions are up and down. But i am staying strong and positive because i know life can be a whole lot worse. xxx Missed ya xx
    Hello Heather,iam fine and i create very much albums
    and i chat very much whit sport people,the do Aikido,Teakwondo
    and Tai Chi,the are great friends from Steven Seagal to.
    in facebook my friend.
    Lovely kisses my friend.
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