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The Foreigner -

Steven Seagal, Max Ryan, Kate Fischer, Sherman Augustus, Anna-Louise Plowman, Dianna Camacho

Despite his inopportune reception at the box office in recent years, seems Steven Seagal still has a few fans. After they see his latest dire effort though – they’ll be shredding their Seagal Posters with merriment.

A calamitous little piece without an insinuation of plot, “The Foreigner” is essentially one of the worst things Seagal has done in ages. Disappointing considering his last films – Exit Wounds and Half Past Dead – hinted he might be on his way back. The only place this one will be going is straight to the bottom of the Blockbuster shelf.

After 10 minutes of “The Foreigner”, you’ll be begging for something else. Anything else - as the on foot bludgeon smashes, bashes and lines up targets on a comprehensive sightsee of the world villainy.

It’s brief plot has something to do with a freelance agent assigned to deliver a mysterious package from France to America, only to find a slew of bad guys on his tail trying to stop the package from making it.

Seems Seagal’s career has hit rock bottom again with “The Foreigner”, despite his previous two films getting a rare theatrical run. But it’s not surprising why: This one’s got nothing of interest at all. The big-budget action sequences and humorous quips of the actor’s previous films are nowhere to be found here. Instead, we’ve nothing more than a shoot-em up, that as ashamed to say it as I am is even substandard for Seagal’s talent.

Finally, a note to fans, If this film is any indication as to what we can expect from Steven Seagal from here on in, I’d quickly pick out another fave action star.


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I guess, this is bad campaign against Seagal !! For Half Past Dead, for Forigner and will be for the others as well !!
I don't want to write anything!!
Its preprogrammed campain !! That's all !!


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OMG, the reviewer actually got two things right! :eek:

One, he DEFINATELY has some loyal fans.......:cool:

Just look at us...Especially me...heh....:D

And two, he does have lots of talent.....:)

We still love you Steven, wherever you are...:D

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Oh! Grandson, you're right!
My most humble apologies to the orange!!
God bless,
Grandma C. [Mama san]


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My thoughts

Well what really did we expect from "any" review on Steven Seagal? The critics hate him and that will never change. Steven is his own person and will not and never has let people including the critics pull his strings. He set out to accomplish what he wanted and has done very well at it. I would love to meet these critics and ask them what they have done with their life other than sit back and watch a movie and tell people how much they hate it. But hey if it pays the bills. go for it. But as far as hurting Stevens career, I don't think so. He is so much more than a movie star. And YES I said star. If poeple don't like him, It doesnt matter what kind of movie he makes they wont like it either. As far as The foreigner, Yes I agree, it lacked alot of his usual fighting abilities, But as a fan, I respect and love any movie that he releases. and always will. I cant wait til his next movie. As soon as I win the lottery, I am going to California to try and meet him (ha,ha, Okay i can wish can't I) Ill tell him you all said hi. But anyway. I really appreciate this board and all it has to offer, and getting to meet alot of other Steven Seagal fans.



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"I am going to California to try and meet him"

Can I come with you ?? hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???