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Seagal Blu-ray releases

Which Seagal films have not been released on blu-ray?
From his 90s stuff On Deadly Ground? The Glimmer Man?
Sadly the blu-ray releases I have (ABTL, HTK, MFD for example) the video quality is almost same as in DVD.


Staff member
Fire Down Below too i believe.
There have been high definition releases via iTunes, etc. Picture quality is a good bit better than the DVD releases for those. Not as good as some blu-ray releases, but these movies are now nearly 30 years old.
I think Marked for Death is the best looking blu ray but all his Warner brothers blu Ray's look like little effort was put into them. I would love if they remastered these movies and give them special features.
I guess we have to wait 4K versions to see some major changes on the picture quality.