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Seagal - Budo Magazine June 21,2016

Discussion in 'General' started by J.Lucas, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. J.Lucas

    J.Lucas Active Member

    was looking for the Seagal issue on guitar collector and came across this....
    On-line magazine you can view complete Seagal section(no fee, no sign-in needed)
    Has 26 pages on Seagal....somewhat current...ends with his Serbian citizenship
    has an error or two....mainly stating that 'On Deadly Ground' as the title for "Fire Down Below'

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  2. J.Lucas

    J.Lucas Active Member

    at the same site there is another Budo magazine that has an article called
    "How I met Steven Seagal by Myako Fujitani"

    Fujitani recalls meeting Seagal for the 1st time...
    ends kind of abruptly with them getting married.
    it's in a Budo mag with Bruce Lee on the cover:
    NOTE: these mags can be downloaded for free if you make an account.
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  3. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Thanks man! Good find!

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