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Seagal building a conservative streak?

Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this is apparent, but I thought I'd toss it out anyway...

Seagal has been a political person both in his movies and in real life. He's tended to be a "lefty," going by the storylines of his films and his choice of activism. However, recently I've noticed a few uncharacteristic turns both in his public life and film output that seems to contradict his former image.

In Kill Switch, there seems to a swipe against the American Civil Liberties Union (i.e. the continued killing spree of the first serial killer is attributed to lawyers from the CDLU, which doesn't exist but sounds a lot like the ACLU) and in the "Street Wars" episode of Lawman, an activist journalist is ridiculed and shown in a condescending light. Granted, Seagal's characters aren't the ones saying these things, but he wrote both the movie and the episode, so it's likely that he had some input on that.

Outside of his film career, he's built ties with people who seem like they would've been villains in his earlier releases: Republican sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Vladimir Putin, whose conservative tendencies run far from the center.

I don't mean to take a political stance here, just wondering if anyone else noticed this curious development. Does anyone care to comment or speculate?