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Seagal 'bullies' Flight of Fury actress into doing nude scene

Taken from: https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainme...hrones-nude-scenes-common-for-young-actresses

Actress Ciera Payton recounted to the Washington Post how she faced an incredulous Steven Seagal when she raised concerns about doing a nude scene with another woman for his 2007 film Flight of Fury.
Payton, then 18, had just arrived on the set in Romania for her first acting job when she learned about the nude scene.
Payton told the Post that Seagal was "kind of sitting there" after she said she didn't feel comfortable.
She said, "He's trying to think of what to say, and he goes, 'You won't even show your tits?'"
Seagal then gathered a group of other men involved in the production to talk to Payton, the Washington Post said.
One tried to shame her by saying, "You know, we stuck our neck out to hire you for this."
Payton eventually was allowed to wear a negligee for her scene with a female co-star, but she said the scene, choreographed by those men, still went "far beyond her comfort zone." She said, "It was creepy."


Master Of Disaster
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Not speaking in favor of Seagals character, but it's not the first story of this kind about Seagal.

On the other hand (I'm no expert though), don't actors get the script before they sign on for a movie? And wouldn't that scene have been in the script already?

And such scenes are pretty common in these kind of movies (I usually skip through them as they have no relevance to the story and are pretty boring), so her agent should have warned her.

Still, if she really didn't know on forehand about the scene I can imagine it made her very uncomfortable, but apparently not uncomfortable enough to walk away and quit. And also they eventually did meet her half way with the negligee.

Unfortunately these things happen in the movie industry, even today after all the #metoo. And as long as there are women who go along with this (willingly or not) and not all take stand against this it will continue to happen.
He was probably surprised, as many are happy to "show their tits" and more, to get into film-work. Good on her for standing up to them to that extent.

Just watched the movie now for the first time. It's not a triumph, unsurprisingly. She's certainly a lovely looking girl and it seems she's gone on to a lot of success in a number of different area's.
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