Seagal Circa 92?


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That was the time he was claiming to be Italian and played lots of Italians on screen obviously.

Notice he attempted to not answer the question about his parents, just saying they were born in America but the host had a follow up question of course.

Just out of curiosity, has Steven ever publically talked about his real heritage, by all accounts his father is Jewish and his mother is Irish, no?

I guess he has Russian Jewish ancestry, but it's weird that he just says Russian. Is he ashamed of his Jewish heritage?

So now he has claimed to be part Italian, French, Russian, Native American, Mongolian and Cherokee, what else? Oh and he was raised by black blues musicians, and by Japanese.

No joke, but he probably has the worst case of identity crisis I have ever seen.


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Never saw this interview. By the way Kelly LeBrock looks great....;)

lee nicholson

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I noticed here (and on a Arsenio Hall appearance) that both Seagal and LeBrock never really looked comfortable with each other (when interviewed)
Not being catty or anything.

And yes, LeBrock was gorgeous here

The best thing they ever did together was *not* 'Hard To Kill' but this.....