Seagal Kicks up a pair

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Seagal kicks up pic pair

By Michael Fleming

NEW YORK (Variety) - While chaos swirls around him, Steven Seagal continues to make movies.

He's just closed deals to star in a remake of the 1975 thriller "The Yakuza," and as a former Vietnam veteran in "The Rescue." Seagal will be paid $4 million for each film.

"The Yakuza" was originally scripted by Paul Schrader and Robert Towne and directed by Sydney Pollack. It starred Robert Mitchum and merged Japanese lore with the saga of gangsters kidnapping the daughter of an L.A. shipping magnate.

In "The Rescue," Seagal will play a former Vietnam vet who begins exchanging letters with an orphan in Eastern Europe that he's helping out financially. When the letters cease, he heads to Europe to find out what happened to the child.

Both projects are set up at Warner Bros,-based Franchise Pictures, which produced his current release "Half Past Dead."

While Seagal has gotten more attention of late for a volatile break with former partner Julius Nasso, his work pace hasn't slackened off. He launched the production and sales company Luminosity Media, with deals to star in the Millenium/Nu Image films "Belly of the Beast" and "Out for a Kill." Seagal continues his Steamroller Prods. banner.


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Assuming this is all true, he is certainly getting right back into making movies after the considerable break he took (the 3 year gap between The Patriot and Exit Wounds). Cheers for the info.