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Seagal Seminar San Jose 1990


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Does anyone have this 50mt video in the good quality that was released in 10 parts on Aikido Journal back in 2014?
I was able to get parts 1,2 & 4(part 4 is still up and has been for months) but don't have the other ones...was anyone able to collect all 10 parts?
I know about the blurry..bad audio one(older generation copy)...but am looking for the early generation version
looking it up in the internet archive site...they did indeed post all 10 parts at one time...I've written the Journal asking about them and never got a response back(and that was months ago)


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Ok...I just got the e-mail Aikido newsletter....it seems they may be starting the seminar over(hopefully)
here is part 1:
here is part 2:
here is part 4
PS: you may need to register for the newsletter to see the video

I'll post the next parts if I get an e-mail about them.
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