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Seagals Upcoming Films


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I dont thing Seagals ever had some many potential projects going at one time

Absolution (Filmed)
Code Of Honor (Filmed)
Killing Salazar (Filmed)
Upcoming Waxman Asia Film (Unknown)
Upcoming Waxman Puerto Rico film (Unknown)
Upcoming Cyborg Film (Filmed?)
Cypher (Next Possible Film)
Upcoming Waxman All Over World Film (Unknown)
Perfect Weapon (Post Production)
End Of A Gun (Filmed)
Four Towers (Delayed)
Attrition (Pre Production)
Asian Connection (Filmed)
Untitled Russian Film (Unknown)
Chinese Salesman (Filmed)
Sniper (Filmed)
End Of The Gun (Post Production)
Contract To Kill (Filming)
Gunfighter (Pre Production)
Tip Of The Sphere (Unknown)
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You forgot the "big project set all over the world" -Waxman project.

Cypher is still the most interesting movie to me - I hope it starts soon.


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The thing is, it took 6-7 years to get Viy part 1 off the ground. So I believe Steven's participation until we actually see him on set....


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The guy on the picture (who is pointing his finger at Steven) is Bob Van Ronkel. He is:
Producer at Bob Van Ronkel productions
President at Doors To Hollywood Acting Academy
Producer and President at Doors To Hollywood.
I think Steven is discussing a new movie project with Van Ronkel. Could he be a producer of Cypher?
I will try to find out.
By the way, he also procuced Dolph Lundgren's Command Performance, which was shot in Moscow, Russia...


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From Bob Van Ronkel's facebook:

Dinner last night with Steven Seagal and friends in Moscow.

There is also a nice funny conversation on facebook because of this photo.

Igor Jijikine (bad guy Driven To Kill) replied: Seagal in Moscow?) You don't tell me buddy!) How long is he gona be in Moscow?
Bob Van Ronkel: I will bring you to dinner with us before he leaves Igor Jijikine.

Don The Dragon Wilson replied: I met Steven at a Charity Dinner on the CBS lot many years ago. I was sitting with Jeff Speakman, Richard Norton and Chuck Norris. I went over to his table and said I respected him as a martial artist and liked his films. He bowed and I said, "Goodbye". Everyone should have at least 1 Seagal story!

Jeff Wincott: Lucky you!

This Bob Van Ronkel is definately a known action producer with all these replies from action stars. I am sure they are discussing a new project.

Van Ronkel is known for bringing Hollywood stars to Russia.

I will also place this in the new projects thread!


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From an interview with Byron Mann (posted in the Mercenary Absolution thread):

And finally, the film is the third film based around Seagal’s John Alexander, with The Good Man and Forces of Execution being the previous two, any word yet on whether this will be the last we see of the character?
No, no official word on it yet but the producers are looking at doing a big film reuniting several of the characters from the previous films for another outing, keep an eye out for an announcement later on in the year.


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Maybe this will be the „big project set all over the world“ film Mr. Waxman mentioned.

I still hope Cypher will be made first…


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No news, just some thoughts: According to imdb, Robert Ferretti, editor or „Code of Honor“ and apparently friend of Seagal will work on the big Hannibal Classics project “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage”. This is his second work for Hannibal - if he has some contacts there he maybe could try to bring them together for a project, because HC seems to produce some good movies. I think the company recently also started the Wesley Snipes movie “Five Minutes to Live”.