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Site issues/suggestions/recommendations.

Hello folks.
#1. I am having a few issues with some things in here. My username is not showing up in my profile like it ought to. With the settings I have in profile, my username should also be showing in olive drab as the user title does currently.

#2. If we are in a user created group, anyway we can get notification of new posts, new members and such via email notification?

#3. I'd like to have military time for the board or at least allow it be an option for me to utilize ff others prefer the civilian crap.

#4. GIF's aren't working so good here. I must be doing something wrong to use with current settings unless current setting is to not allow them at all.

#5. Add Gmail (Google) and Live (MSN) sections for IM's. I am AikiRooster there as well until those show up.

More to follow as I think of them.