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Steven/Herbal Healing Secrets Book?

Does any one know if Mr. Seagal will ever write a book about Healing Herb Secrets or if he has ever advised any of his fans of any Herbal Healing Books he reccommends for reading, for those who believe in Natural Healing Methods? Inparticular, I am looking for natural methods that help strengthen & straighten the spin, for one with double scoleosis & Osteoparosis; and other natural cures for Osteoarthritis & Rehumatoid Arthritis. I know some natural methods/natural herbs that help deal with those specific health problems, but not enough.Your help is most greatly appreciated! I pray you have a Blessed Day in ADONAI-YAHWEH ELOHEM!Sincerely, Stacey
Hi Stacey,
for now only a few books as my recommendations:
Reader's Digest Ass: Nature's Medicines
Maria Treben: Health through God's Pharmacy
Julia Lawless: The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health & Well-being).
In regard of your listed medical conditions, I could do for you a few recommendations but it'll take longer, so be patient please and will come back to you as soon as possible,
krgds, Cathleen
Thank you Kathleen

Thank you Kathleen, for your book recommendations, I will see if the Barnes & Nobel Book store, has those particular books. I already have a lot of Natural Herbal Healing Books & Magazines, and have a Shaman-she is studying to become a certified homeopathic doctor.... and have Alternative Med./Natural Healing Magazines I subscribe to, but I am very interested in Mr. Seagals' Expert Advice in a book, since he is so healthy and so wise in this area,believing in natural ways of healing like me....I sincerely wish he would publish a book, with natural healing advice... I hope you have a Blessed Day!

Mama San

As far as I am aware Steven has never put anything into print.
Most likely because of time constraints. Although, that is an
excellent idea.
God bless,
Mama san
Hi Mama san!

I know Steven is extremely busy, always using his time wisely and helpfully. I think it would be so neat if he would incorporate some of his natural healing advice, into some of his movies when he is sitting down to write out his movie manuscripts. That is a good way to utilize time, and maybe even get someone to take down notes for his book while working on the movie manuscript, at the same time.... Just some ideas to ponder upon as food for thought...for wishful thinking...LOL! I wish I could get back into Tiakwando, like I did for a short time at 17 yrs. of age since I know it would help me get back into balance; but due to 3 forms of arthritis & double scoleosis and my babies in need of my time, it would be difficult to find the time and ability for that... I still do some of my exercise, at times but not as much as I should. Hope you have a Blessed Day! Love your Sister, Eagle/Stacey