Steven Seagal energy drink collector dropping in...


What's up everyone. I was just listening to Bill Burr's Jan. 3, 2020 podcast and he mentioned Steven Seagal, so I thought I'd check in. I first tried the O-ffcial website and looks like it's down.

Bill mentioned(41:30) that SS is becoming the more the dialogue kinda badass instead of the regular ol ass-kickin effin badass. And then he moved on to talking about new forumlas vs the '80s formula. Well, I think he's a badass for being friends with Putin, the enemy of the American left (behind).

Anyway... 4 years since I logged in. Huh.

I used to post at length about the SS Energy Drinks, how they skyrocketed in price, those were the good old days. Had a party at my house for True Justice, ended up winning a poster and a t-shirt (which is kind of falling apart).