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Steven Seagal - Hustler Magazine Interview (2009)

lee nicholson

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This interview from 'Hustler' magazine, was intended to promote the DVD release of 'A Dangerous Man' (2009)
It's quite a profane (no-holds-barred) interview from Steven....Not sure if this has been posted on here before?
It was from a PDF, so I've enlarged and reshaped it, to fit it into two easy to read images....Enjoy :)



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But didn´t Stallone say on Howard Stern that van Damme challenged him and Seagal went away? Then van Damme chased him and challenged him again and Seagal left.

Stallone said "Van Damme was too strong, Seagal didn´t want to go for it". That´s what I read but I don´t know if that´s true. I haven´t seen his interview on Howard Stern´s show.