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Now Putin invaded Ukraine I am wondering if Seagal is still supporting Putin, because it's a shame what he did.
What do you guys think?

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Putin wants a unified USSR, hence his initial show of force near the borders. To Be honest, America (Biden especially) are provoking matters by getting involved. Had they kept out of it, Putin would have paraded his (frankly,semi-ancient) weaponary around these regions (like he did in Georgia in 2008) and the whole matter would have fizzled out. On paper (regardless of ethics) both NATO and the US are breaking far more of their own rules (by getting involved) The media (as it did with 'Trump' are creating their own 'narrative' here) given that Ukraine has been a war-zone, long before Putin came along)
I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a huge deflection for the powers that be, to strip Putin of his gas reserves (now that the 'Electric Cars' are making 'Oil-Wars' fruitless) And to further provoke Putin, they are now throwing about (largely ineffective) sanctions. Russia have been punished with similar sanctions ever since the cold war days. The media will twist this story into whatever agenda they want. For decades now, Russia are always portrayed as the bad-guys (responsible for all the evils of the world) and whilst Putin is no saint, there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye.
I'm flabbergasted that once again at the senile idiot Joe Biden (and to a slightly lesser extent, my own PM, Borris Johnson) are more bothered about Russian borders....than their own (which sees millions of illegal immigrants flooding each respective country....year-in, year-out.

Personally, I hope Seagal stands by Putin, it may not seem the popular opinion right now (with the current media frenzy) but I think this entire scenario isn't as one-sided as the NATO, the U.S. or the media would have you believe?


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Admittedly, I don't regularly engage with the news cycle but I understand that the issues within that region have been ongoing - yet, the matter seems to have escalated over the past year (if not months) by the US and NATO members. Why the heightened international "interest" in issues with the borders concerning Russia and Ukraine?

In any case, politics by nature is never one sided and ultimately "popular opinion" sets the agenda, hence I'd rather not be "entertained" about this situation by the news industry.
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Just gonna leave this here...

I'm honestly kind of amazed Seagal spoke out about this.
Just gonna leave this here...

I'm honestly kind of amazed Seagal spoke out about this.
Of course Fatboy is speaking out for his butt buddy Putin and giving him a pass. This isn’t a simple misunderstanding due to media coverage. This is an unprovoked invasion from Russia on it’s neighbor. The mass killing of civilians is well-documented beyond media, we are seeing it in real-time. There is no excuse for it, even if Russia felt threatened by the West it is a great evil and act of aggression that cannot be excused.

The West, US and NATO have their faults and fair share of unjust wars but that doesn’t excuse Russia. Ask any common Ukrainian and they will to tell you they want independence and freedom from Russia.

So Seagal, with all respect go F*** yourself and your bloodthirsty madman of a BFF.