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Steven Seagal visits rescue dogs


Staff member
Steven Seagal showed he’s a softie at heart, as he cooed over dogs at an animal rescue centre.

The 58-year-old actor visited the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter with his wife Elle.

Picking up the abandoned dogs, he exclaimed “beautiful” and even asked one puppy: “What’s happening, baby?”

When he came face to face with Tawny the Pit Bull, the film star said: “Look how nice this dog is. What a sweetheart.”

“Pit Bulls have a hard time getting adopted because they’ve got a bad rap,” he solemnly said, as Elle wept with distress.

Seagal and Elle later attended a dog adoption event, to try to persuade people to give the animals good homes.



I'm a huge animal lover too and I thought the show was great. I have ALWAYS adopted my dogs from the Humane Society or rescued them. It was nice to see that side of Steven. Thanks Suzi