steven Seagals sister

My name is Lyndy Stokes and I lived in California most of my life and 10 years ago moved to Florida.I am A recovering addict and back in the late 80`s I was in A rehab called cpc in Alhambra Cali.There is was introduced to my spiritual adviser Cynthia Samuel s A woman priest in the episcopal church.Her husband was father Morry.After being there for a month and establishing A relationship with Cynthia, I later came to find out that she was Steven Seagal`s sister.the family resemblance is there for sure she looks just like Steven Same eyes same color hair,everything..Cynthia had A major impact on my life.I heard A few years later that she was seriously ill after having her baby girl.I lost touch with her and I want (I need to)find her.I want to let her know how much she affected my life in so many ways and I never told her.I have looked every where and came across the unofficial site to Steven Seagal.If anyone can help steer me in the right direction on where I could contact Steven on line I would greatly appreciate any help i can get.I have looked into the episcopalian churches and I had no luck.I have been A fan of Steven Seagals ever since I can remember I have not seen his new show yet when is it on eastern time can anyone tell me?I look forward to any feedback and talking to ya`ll real soon thanks for this website it is a good thing.sincerely Lyndy Stokes.


Hi there and welcome to the family hope you have fun here and hope you find what you are looking for.. as for Steven having an sister thast all new to me just another thing i have found out about this wonderful man.. i hope you do get to see his lawman shows ..always good to see an new face here..:)


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I am so sorry to tell you that Cynthia passed away in the year 2000 (I'm fairly certain it was 2000). I was at her memorial service--Steven gave a eulogy. Cynthia's daughter and of course Morry were there. I remember Cynthia as a kind, patient, accepting, and loving person. Cynthia was very ill with a degenerative disease called Supranuclear Palsy. This is a progressive disorder. I met Cynthia when she began therapeutic horseback riding lessons with my mom--the riding therapy was supposed to be helpful with her pain and limited mobility (when we met she could no longer walk or even move her arms, hands or fingers well). Morry took Cynthia to the classes and I enjoyed our hour long talks each week. I'm not certain what the exact cause of Cynthia's death was though I'm certain it was related to the disease.

I hope that this brings some closure to your search for Cynthia. I know she would have appreciated your efforts. I'm currently attempting to get in touch with Morry. If I reach him, I'll send along your message.

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I am so sorry to hear about her death...I too have lost two siblings. One to cancer and the other was's so hard...Blessings to Steve and her immediate family.


I two have lost a sibling. My sister was only 50 yrs. old. She had a massive heart attack. She was also mentally disabled. It's scary because I also lost my father when he was 50 and an Aunt. My prayers are with you.


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My brother was married to stephens sister, Karen Seagal, they had a son Brandon, who is now in this 20s. She had a twin sister.