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I have been a Seagal fan for many years, but his bizarre appearance, behaviour and sexual allegations from numerous sources have eroded my respect for him.

He claims to be Buddist yet has an all consuming giant ego and supports dictators who are responsible for the deaths of thousands.

For me it's all sad.


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Steven Seagal went to The 50th Anniversary VTAA celebration in Hong Kong , at The Ving Tsun Athletic Association event for The Fourth Tolou and Chisau competition to show his respect for GGM Ip Man . He was welcomed by Sifu Tong Chow Gee , Sifu & Chairman Dennis Lee , Sifu John Wong Hong Chung .






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Steven Seagal gives the Golden Belt Award

Steven Seagal at the ceremony in Moscow awarded the laureate of the national prize "Golden Belt", world champion in Paralympic karate Sergey Burlakov.
In the Kremlin Palace, the ceremony of awarding the laureates of the Golden Belt Prize, which is awarded by the Russian Martial Arts Union, is held. In the nomination "For the will to win" was awarded the Paralympic Sergey Burlakov.
"It's not just a karate athlete, it's a man with a capital letter. This is a great example of a real fighter, "Steven Seagal said during the ceremony.
He stressed that the main task of martial arts is to protect his family. Burlakov himself noted that "the teacher continues in his students." He thanked those who helped him achieve such high sporting results.








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"Steven Seagal stopped by to see the collection yesterday. Discussed the technique of wearing and using KATANA AND CAUCASIAN CHECKERS. In the ' 90 s, he was a fan (when karate worked), and now I have a lot of respect. Just in case, he knows 5 languages, including Japanese. His Father is from yakutia (Grandpa and grandma from there). Do you know how to do a horse And he says, of course, I'm half mongol, half Indian."