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Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

Seems like a nice guy.

Nice to see / hear some behind-the-scenes from one of his classic movies - the DVDs of them are so threadbare with not much in the way of extras beyond trailers we've seen a million times already.

Had heard of the alternate ending of his head being impaled on the fireplace spikes and catching on fire but was never sure if they actually shot it. The "take that to the bank" from the trailer is apparently from the alternate ending.

Nice also to hear one his co-stars speaking positively about him too, makes a refreshing change.


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He gave a lot of inside about the person Steven Seagal when he is on set. To be honest this is exactly the way Matthieu Weschler described him. As a director you have to know how to handle him. Give him a good feeling, tell him that he also gets some input but that you are in charge, be honest with him, and respect him and you will get it in return. This was also the way Roel Reine approached Steven. And that shows on screen. That is where Alexander Gruszynski and Michael Keusch failed. If you have a fall out with Seagal he f*cks up your movie. That's the way it works.