Super Cops: Justice Keepers (iOS App Store Game with Steven Seagal)


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Dear Steven Seagal fans (like me),

I have been working on an iOS game for the iPhone 5S or newer for almost 8 years. Why am I posting this on this forum? It has a creative campaign storyline with Steven Seagal having a (very) important role.

Of course I am not going to tell when or how he is included in the game (that would spoil everything), but you can check it out in the story of the game. Maybe at the very beginning or maybe you need some more time to find out ;-).

Please don’t have too high hopes for the scale and graphics of the game. The game is not a triple AAA game like Assassins Creed etc. It is made by me solo, with support of my brothers.

I have been busy with this game during graduation. However it was not finished and I would like to include a lot more features. Resulting of a development time of 8-part-time-years, more than 1.500 graphical items and 100.000+ lines of code. We made this from scratch, without any engine to learn all aspects of game development.

If you like to playing a game, especially an top down shooter RPG, then maybe this is a cool game for you to try out. I would love to have some Seagal fans checking out the game! The game is available for a small price. I hate ads in games and it doesn’t fit in this type of game I think. Also I spend 250 euros the last week to get it on the App store. It would be great to get this back somehow, but its a bonus. I just would like to share it with the world and especially Seagal fans with a sense of humor. Personally I like Seagal movies a lot and saw all of them several times (especially the 90’s ones and the early 2000 ones like Into The Sun and Belly of the Beast): I find them funny and cool at the same time. Machete was also a brilliant movie and I really hope Seagal is going to do more like this some time!

The game can be found right here:

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

An Android version will be released in a few weeks as well!

Kind Regards,

Ingmar Kramer from the Netherlands
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For Seagal fans reading this topic and would like to get some more info via a video. Hereby the trailer of the game (also updated this in the opening post of the topic):

And someone else who did a unofficial short game play video:

Hope you guys will like and maybe download it :D!


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The game is also available for free now! This free version has an advertisement sometimes and has less items + a level cap of 25 (and not 50 like the premium version). But it is a great version to try the game. Also I just released a video showing the survival mode of the game. It contains spoilers about the Steven Seagal element of the game!

Hereby the url's for the free version of the Android and Apple stores:

Free iOS version:
Free Android version:

Would be awesome if you guys could give it a try :)!