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Suzi, congratulations !!!!!


Lucky Member
Suzi, wonderful photo gallery, congratulations, I think that other actors like Van Damme, Arnold, Chan, are really jealous of Steven's fans, that dedicate so much for him. Well, let's face it, WE ARE THE BEST FANS an actor could have.... :D
And this site proves it.... There are so many photos I have never seen, wonderful photos. Suzi, congratulations !!!!
But I do miss the J. Lucas videos, where are they ???

I found this photo, I don't remember if you have it on the gallery, anyway, here it is.


Staff member
Dear Rodrigo,

Thank you very much for your beautiful compliments !! I am waiting same thing from John Lucas !! I hope he will do it the best !!
I put your this picture to gallery with your signature !!


Cool!!!Rodrigo,you're so damn right!!!!We're the best fans in the world.We keep up together no matter what,even when the official site's been having crucial times.WE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!