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Take Sensei & Jaime Sensei :Video Clip


Staff member
Please check out this link

Take Sensei and Jaime Calderon sensei in demonstration of Iriminage..

Video Clip Iriminage

Also Sensei Jaime Calderon renovated his official site..
If you have question about Aikido you can ask to him..
Under events there is information about his seminar in Chico on the 15-17th of September if you interest...

Sensei Jaime Calderon Official Site- TenShin Dojo Chico

For Your Information




Die Hard Seagal fan!
aaahh thank you very much Suzi, for this information, and I like the video clip ALOT!!!! Thank you Suzi!!!

greets take-sensei


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Hi All,
I enjoyed Calderon Sensei's seminar so much that I am going to Chico to train with him for the 3 days. Him and I talked on Friday about me testing to Tenshin standards. This is the best that Aikido gets! Espically if you look for the practial side and on the cutting edge.

Shannon Fry

PS- HI Suzi!!
Hope all is well.