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Serena said:
Hello, and welcome to the forum:) You may order Path Beyond Thought through Yahoo. Several members have ordered it without any difficulties. It is, however, still only available in VHS at the current time. Here's the link. Hope you enjoy yourself here. :)

I ordered it from that place almost 3 weeks ago and I still have not received it. Uggh what is up with me never getting orders in the mail..


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DuMbI4 said:
Сигал лучший!

Hello welcome to the Steven Seagal Unofficial Site and enjoy..

(Здравствулте! приветствуйте к месту Steven Seagal неслужебному и насладитесь.)

I hope I wrote correctly !!!!:D

Yes he is the best !!! ;)



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That was pretty impressive, hadn't seen it in years...looked at the moves real close...he was either teaching it or just learned the technique and was having enormous fun with it,LOL.