The big return for Seagal:how to do

first of all i wanna apologize for my english:i'm italian(too bad) but i feel london inside me.

after 2000 ' seagal has descending in low quality movie,bad framing,standard lights.
i don t wanna talk about the weight of seagal,it s a problem of course but in the end we miss a director.
maybe he does nt find a great production(related weight?) and who agree to start a movie is ordinary director.
no will of transform the errors in gold,no creative mind!
in italy we had mario bava,a great director that changed the mistakes in "style"
Bava was clearly a no budget man but we can admire the creative mind!
returning to Seagal,he front a low budget but he must transform the low light in a "normal light") (seagal in a sewer is ok..d y understand?)
low budget for framing(altered mind by drugs)
low budget for a good acting (whisky,sedated in hospital and dismantle a bomb )

ecc ecc
please forgive me!
i wish to talk a better english..and day by day i improve my skill..
give me more time!
i hope you understand the concept over the crappy grammar!

best regards!