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The Expendables 4.


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looking at the replies it is official.......somebody pinch me, i think i'm dreaming.....

if it's true this would be the best opportunity for Seagal since Exit Wounds to have a role to ' shine' on the big screen.



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That Expendables 4 Twitter profile is fake, so Seagal (or whoever's running his social media profiles) is just answering to some fan. And again, to me it seems wishful thinking like the Above The Law sequel tweet, allthough EX4 has much higher chances of happening than Nico 2.

If he wanted to be in an Expendables movie he should have said yes to them when he first got the offer.
I'm sure he's excited now that his career is at an all time low, but we'll see if they will even make an Expendables 4 and if they do will they make an offer to him?

I sure hope so, but after EX3 flopped domestically and Sly cut all business relations with long time producing partner Kevin King and he had his dramatic comeback with Creed and has all types of projects in the works now, and he's 70, I don't think Expendables is on his mind anymore.

But we'll see.


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I'm sure he woulden't hashtag Sly in the Tweet if he haden't gotten an offer. Also he did Tweet that it is being disccused and then some days after Tweeted that "He Is Looking Forward To It.." So i do think that this holds water .. ;);) The only thing it depends on now is how hungry Stallone is for The Expendables 4..

No matter how fake that Twitter profile is it dosen't take away from the fact that there is finally some movement on EX4..


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If he end up doing EX4 he has to get rid of those sleepwalking dialouges and take it much more seriously, and keep his double to a limit for only stunts. One thing is when he does those kinda things in a STV movie of his own, but if he do those things in a big Hollywood movie he would be humiliated. Especially if he let his stunt/body double do half the work for him. I'm also sure Sly and the Movie Company wouldn't stand for it..


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The stunt and body doubles are a problem with a lot of dtv's. Check out Pound of Flesh with Van Damme. It's not always the actor's fault. It's the budget and the short shooting schedule.


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I'm starting to consider if I even want to see him in The Expendables 4, when and if it gets off the ground. If he doesnt loose a big amount of weight and sharpen up his acting, then he will not be Expendables material.

lee nicholson

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Seagal might actually be in this movie (if SPLENDID FILMS are taking over the franchise) but if Avi Lerner is still involved, then I doubt it?
But will SPLENDID actually throw a decent budget behind this movie?


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Splendid is the German distributor, they just bought the German rights, like they did with the previous three. Millennium is still producing.

All past beefs aside, if it makes sense for them they will get Seagal. Sly has gone on record saying he has reached out to Seagal in the past but he declined.

If, and that's a big if, they still produce a fourth one and if they still reach out to Seagal, at this point he will probably say yes. Let's be honest, it would be the absolute last chance for him to get a little boost to his career before it's all over. Judging by his recent tweets he has changed his mind and now seems to want to do it.

Seagal is one of the last well known action stars yet to appear in the franchise, along with Jackie Chan. It would make total sense for him to do it.