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Since I love Steven Seagal movies, I bought the Foreigner on DVD as soon as it was available. What a terrible movie! I thought nothing could be worse than The Patriot, and I am not ashamed to say that I even enjoyed his last direct-to-video foray, Ticker. But The Foreigner sinks to a whole new level. While some of Seagal's films belong on the lowest shelves of the video store, this one belongs nowhere but the garbage can.

OK, enough negativity. I will be positive and list the things I enjoyed about the movie:
-Seagal has a job.
-Seagal looks great for a 50+ year old.
-Seagal is still on top of his game when it comes to martial arts action (was this ever in doubt?).
-It is funny to watch a movie with a plot that makes even less sense than On Deadly Ground.
-Jon Cold is a fantastic name, right up there with Mason Storm, Jack Cole, and Gino Fellino.
-I have to admit, it was freakishly cool to see those two guys with their tongues cut out.

However, it is impossible not to see past these few good qualities for what The Foreigner really is- an hour and a half of boring, nonsensical plot with bad acting and subpar action sequences.

I'm a big Seagal fan, but even I can't stomach The Foreigner.
It's a good job most of us big Seagal fans can(and did)"stomach" The Foreigner.While it's true it wasn't on par with his early work(what film could be?),it wasn't as bad as you make it out to be.

I assume you already know about the forthcoming Seagal flicks,Out For A Kill & Belly Of The Beast?Perhaps you will be able to "stomach" them more easily.




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Hi Leon,

I am definitely looking forward to Belly of the Beast and Out for a Kill. Although I was disappointed with The Foreigner, my expectations are high as always for these upcoming Seagal films. If the past is any indication, he will bounce back from the low success rate of The Foreigner with these new movies and show the world again how talented he really is.


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mike7316........The Foreigner was a little bit "messy" movie, but The Patriot is a far better movie than The Foreigner, actually one of Seagal´s best movies :cool: (according to me)
I have to rate The Patriot as one of Seagal's worst movies:(Fans do seem generally divided as to what they think of it.I do agree, however,that it was a nice departure movie for Seagal.


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Originally posted by justice808
I have to rate The Patriot as one of Seagal's worst movies:(Fans do seem generally divided as to what they think of it.I do agree, however,that it was a nice departure movie for Seagal.

i didn't think it was that bad. it was cool. it showed us his more realistic and sensitive side. same thing for My Giant. it was cool because he picked at himself in the movie!

oh yeah, i bought foreigner on vhs on ebay yesterday! i cant wait!


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I watched The Foreigner again last night, and I think the plot is kinda hard to follow...If you are lost to the plot then it leads to boredum...Steven is not the reason the movie is a bit lacking, let's just get that straight...He doesn't control the entire turn of events...As far as the dubbed voice goes, I am thinking that maybe Jon Cold was disguising his voice on the phone on purpose...After all, another guy was the one who went to meet the heiress in his place....So perhaps this was part of the movie in that sense...Am I making sense? In other words he "Jon" was using another voice to remain unregognizable...Could be huh? Just a thought...

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I don't think his character was trying to disguise his voice..for some reason during filming maybe Seagal didn't want to say that line-maybe he was not available,so they just filled it in.


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He could have been ill that day too...Hopefully he is always happy and healthy though...I wish that for him...:)