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The Way Of The Shadow Wolves


Master Of Disaster
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Steven apparently wrote a book.


Official message from Team Seagal

Dear Worldwide Friends

We have even more exciting news, Steven has written and released a new action Thiller book with his good friend Tom Morrissey, the book can be found here and ordered at bookshops....


"This book represents a new and exciting venture for Steven Seagal, who collaborated with friend, author and fellow law enforcement officer, Tom Morrissey to write a fast paced thriller taken from today's headlines. The idea for the story began as the two men shared their thoughts on the porous southern border in Arizona and the seeming disregard of the US government to protect its citizens. Their continued discussions then became a desire to share the potential threat by telling a very real and credible story. The book project became their passion and the result is a fictional story that is believable, relevant, and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat!"

More exciting news to follow.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal


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".....HOWEVER, "Much to our dismay, Amazon has been less than cooperative in addressing the spamming of unverified reviews on the book's page...."(Seagal Facebook post)
that's not a surprise...Amazon is a totally 'leftist' site....when Clinton's book came out ...Amazon deleted all the negative reviews...Amazon will leave any negative reviews if you are pro Trump(as Seagal is)...and remove any anti Obama/Clinton reviews. I'm sure they are doing the same with the Wol
fek/Bannon book also.
Amazon also puts reviews from DVD/Bluray together and also the re-issued updated versions all together so you can't figure out what your buying.
Same here. But it was an exciting thing to see him turn his hand to. (When I heard a book was on the way I was wishing for an autobiography.) It's not bad, I just think it's a shame it has a bit of a "self-published" look about it. It's taking me a while to get through as I don't have a lot of time to read. If it was an audiobook read by Seagal, I'd be much more excited about it.