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Movies True Justice - Death Riders


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Steven Seagal, Hollywood’s toughest martial arts super star, is back in another explosive, hard as nails action thriller. Seattle, Washington, a city in the midst of crisis. While the innocent sleep, lives are being lost on the streets. The Yakuza have raged war on one of the most feared gangs of Mexican drug lords in the world and Seattle has been caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile a local bank has been taken siege by an unemployed man who’s armed, dangerous and slowly slipping over the edge. The city’s only hope for justice is Sheriff Elijah Kane (Seagal) and his elite force of undercover cops, a new breed of extreme law enforcement.
Was released in the UK on 13th august 2012.

Order here : http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/...=B007WPR9XC&linkCode=as2&tag=unofficialste-21

Sorry missed this one. :(