True Justice season 2


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Because the old general thread about True Justice season 2 is lost, I open this one.

As far as I know Channel Five already showed 11 (of 13) episodes.

Did someone watched the episodes there and can tell us something about it (action, fights, story, special guests) ?

I'm still looking forward to it, because it seems to have central theme over this season now.



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Im in the US But I seen the first episode It was actually pretty good with fight scenes and explosions A little bit of dubbing was in it I guess through out 15 percent of the film. But it was still stronger and well put together than any episode of season 1 When i watch others I will let you know:)


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Finally got around to watching Soldier of Vengeance as it was only three quid! Haven't even seen the remainder of Season 1 but it's not all available here, which takes me to the most retarded thing ever about True Justice. On the disc it has - TRUE JUSTICE - THE GHOST - VENGEANCE IS MINE - (SOLDIER OF VENGEANCE.)

The movie has the title True Justice with the words "The Ghost" appearing next to it in the titles, then when the movie begins it has the title "Vengeance is Mine." Wtf is all that about, seriously why have they done this? They couldn't have possibly screwed that up anymore. There are still people on amazon who don't realise these are all part of a TV series.

Let me just get this out. Seagal is likable in many of his movies. He's great in Half Past Dead, constantly laughing and joking, great in Exit Wounds and all his earlier movies and even in stuff like Driven to Kill. But in True Justice? Particularly here, he is a total dick. Not Seagal, his character. Elijah Kane is a totally unreasonable dude, he's just a dick to the point of you aren't actually rooting for him, he's just a bully. That for me takes some of the watchability away. That Sarah chick is also an annoying bitch, she needs some gratuitous sex to lighter her up again, she's tediously dour.

Overall though, the first part of Series 2 was a lot better than 1 and a lot more hard hitting. The direction, editing, titles and general quality of it was a lot tighter so they are finding their feet. The story was a tad more interesting too and not the usual shitty twenty minute scenes in strip clubs. Looks more expensive too. Baddie from Driven to Kill is good, saw him recently in Statham's "Safe." Their fight here was shit though, much better in Driven to Kill where the bad guy actually did some damage.

Unfortunately the fights are shot far too close and Seagal just whips his hands around in an incoherent manner. But the explosions and shooting are much better. He says his lines with a little more fire too, but he is sometimes huffy and uninterested unless he is rattling off a one liner. Again, an improvement on the previous series, which I sorta hated and is much more violent and competent. But Seagal should stick to movies, I don't want to see True Justice becoming a long running series like Walker, Texas Ranger. Excuse the language but fuck that.


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The last episode of season 2 aired yesterday on Five UK.

Did someone watched season 2 on this channel?


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@DiDa: Thanks!

@NCS: Season 2 seems overall called "True Justice - The Ghost". And "Vengeance of mine" is the title of the first "movie". The adding "The Ghost" really seems pointless to me, it maybe just describes that they are chasing a "ghost" during this season.


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Much more confused. Its the same Employer offering each plan.

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Could someone please help me out with what episodes are on what DVD? I've been googling for hours and can't work it out. I'm so confused. My friend is in the episode One Shot, One Life from season 2 of TRUE JUSTICE playing FBI Agent Adrian Sloan.

According to the 5USA (Channel 5) website ( these are the episodes...

2x01: Vengeance is Mine (Part 1)
2x02: Vengeance is Mine (Part 2)
2x03: Violence of Action
2x04: All In
2x05: Dead Drop
2x06: One Shot, One Life
2x07: Toys in the Attic
2x08: Angel of Death
2x09: The Conversation
2x10: Dead Drop
2x11: The Cut-Out Man
2x12: Fired
2x13: The Shot

On the Voltage website (, these are the DVDs...

True Justice S2: Film 1 (Vengeance Is Mine)
True Justice S2: Film 2 (Blood Alley)
True Justice S2: Film 3 (Violence of Action)
True Justice S2: Film 4 (Angel of Death)
True Justice S2: Film 5 (Dead Drop)
True Justice S2: Film 6 (One Shot One Life)

From the looks of the DVD titles, my friends episode is the 6th DVD (the DVD name is the same as the episode name). But wouldn't his episode be in the 3rd DVD if logically, DVD 1 = episodes 1 & 2, DVD 2 = episodes 3 & 4, DVD 3 = episodes 5 & 6?

~ Michelle