True Justice: Urban Warfare


True Justice : Urban Warfare is a cut above Deadly Crossing. This made for TV opus actually contains three interwoven stories that hold together quite well. The first involves a serial killer. The second story line involves a bounty hunter out for Seagal for past activities and the third is Russian diamond smugglers.

The acting and production values are generally ok. The story line actually has tension in it For example, when Juliet gets snatched we know Seagal will rescue her, but there is still tension in the sequence.

Seagal features in two fight scenes and appears to do most of the work without the use of a stunt double. The first fight involves some guys wanting to inject him with knock out drops is probably his best since Urban Justice.

I won’t give the plot lines away here, but it is worth a watch.

Now a little bit about the problems with this film. First, it contains some editing problems. Like Deadly Crossing, one whole scene is repeated when it was unnecessary to do so. The ‘Afghanistan scene’ should have been inserted in the film much earlier. Both of these issues appear to arise out of joining two episodes joined together and sloppy editing.

As for Seagal, some of his problems remain. His ‘sho-nuff’ accent still grates on the nerves and his tendency to call everybody under the sun ‘Man’ is another irritant. His hair is not only jet back, but has all the characteristics of being an polyester toupe and a bad one to boot. His oversized leather jackets do not hide his immense bulk and the cap worn backwards in his first scene does not give him street cred. (If he wants street cred he needs to wear it to the side, with the brim straight and the sticker still on it!)

A couple of strange things about this flick are:

1. It had Paramount Studios and three others involved.

2. All up there were 14 producers, co-producers and executive producers involved. A third of the film time seemed to involve listing all the producers.

3. Seagals’ boss, (Chief of Cops) the these flicks is so incompetent you wouldn’t send him out to get you a Big Mac as this dope would come back with a bucket of burritos.