Tsunil' kalu


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James Wafford, of the western Cherokee,who was born in Georgia in 1806,says that his grandmother,who must have been born about the middle of the last century,told him that she had heard from the old people that long before her time a party of giants had come once to visit the Cherokee. They were nearly twice as tall as common men ,and had their eyes slanting in their heads ., so that the Cherokee called them Tsunil' kalu ' " the slant eyed people " because they looked like the giant hunter from a story of theirs called Tsunil ' kalu '. They said that these giants lived very far away in the direction in which the sun goes down.The Cherokee recieved them as friends ,and they stayed some time ,and then returned to their home in the west.The story may be a distorted historical tradition .

This excerpt is from James mooney's History,Myths and Sacred formulas of the Cherokees. I write to indicate the chance of Bhuddism playing a role in the earliest of tribal customs due to the similarities .