"Two fights in my life"

Donald Lee Wilkey

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"So far, i've been in two fights. So i must have an aptitude for this", Steven Seagal explained in the movie Black Dawn's special features. I wonder which type of fighting he's talking about, bagua zhang, tai chi, hsing i, aikido, or the vast array of other martial art styles he mastered thus far in his career ? Which do you think ?


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there is only one type of fighting and thats true budo, you dont think about it, you just do it

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
Would anyone care to fathom which two fighters Steven Seagal got beaten by and which martial technique they used to topple Sensei Steven Seagal at those 2 skirmishes? My guess would be two highly skilled grandmasters of the aikido heiarchy or tai chi chuan heiarchy. Or maybe it may have been just two persons from any martial school challenging Sensei Steven Seagal from out of nowhere and they just caught Sensei Steven Seagal off his guard? I have to admit, the 2 individuals left Sensei Steven Seagal alive to testlfy about these fights
Steven Segal Sensei

Don it doesn't supprise me that Steven Seagal Sensei has been beaten. No one no matter how good can & does get beat. Sometimes it can be by those you would least expect. So I wouldn't read too much into it, besides if they were to have a rematch the outcome could be very different, & noone is perfect. It's just in the fight game you have more to lose so you hope that you can get back up afterwards.
I would agree though that the victors would have probably been either fellow Master Aikidoists or Tai Chi Masters.
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don wilkey;182789 said:
Steven Seagal said he lost 2 fights in his life n the interview in the 'special features' section of "Mercenary For Justice" dvd movie.

I don't recall him saying he lost the fights.