What movie? Weird fishing / bait scene


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tumbled upon this forum on my quest to find out the movie with a weird scene that I saw maybe 10 to 15 years ago.

The scene has Seagal and another person fishing on a lake in a small rowing boat or similar. The men are having a dialog about fishing baits, and the the main character played by Seagal connects the dots in his head about the main villain or something using Seagal as a bait to get to his goal... I think the line said like "You're the bait", or something...

So my memories are a bit vague about the scene, but my and my friend that a watched the movie with still remember this quite funny scene and from time to time discuss about it, but either of us can't figure out what the movie is.

So any help in finding this "masterpiece" would be greatly appreciated!
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Forrest Taft

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Out for a Kill.

It's not actually a scene, just audio looped over the male cop just before he is shot.

Some weirdness about fishing and the last line is, "You're the bait."

Forrest Taft

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No problem.

Am afraid I have no idea what the guy was talking about though or why deep sea fishing was relevant to the plot!