What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?


The one who posted that if you make it clear how serious you are about staying alive, a lot of the muscle bound "fighters" will leave you alone.
No one wants to really get hurt, most of all the ones who want to show off because of their large ego.
A small guy who is really bent on killing you will win the fight if you are not serious and prepared about the fight even if you are far bigger then he.

Anybody take Krav MAga as a self defense system. From what I've heard, it seems to have a practical approach to the fights one may encounter in a real life setting. It is used by the Israeli military but I don't know how much watered down the classes are taught here by non military personnel.


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As the late great Bruce Lee once said, "if someone attacks you with a knife, run away"



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I think the better martial styles are:
Ueshiba's Aikido School
Traditional Chinese Kung Fu (Hung Gar, Tang Lang, Wing Chun)
Jeet Kune Do
Ju Jitsu/Brazilian Vale Tudo
Combat Hapkido


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Best fight on the street?

Littledragon;55460 said:
In your opinion- What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?

IMO these are the styles that are the most effective in a street situation:

Jeet Kune Do
Muay Thai
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Kyokoshin Karate
Aiki-kai Aikido

Remain calm and focused, do not trade punches and kicks, soft deflection and strike the softest part of the body (throat) hard!!! I do not care who you are you will sleep the worst is to compare martial arts, black belts get beaten make sure your heart and spirit is right, 5 elements void,air (wind), earth, water and fire.
He who wants to bully others will meet their match.
in this way void is empty and walks away from fire, air fuels fire whilst earth and water destroys fire, by using these elements mission accomplished!