Where is Arissa?

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Is Steven and Arissa still together or are they officially apart now?? I have'nt seen a picture of them together for quite some time now. Being that he is on the road a lot with movies and his music there is a lot of opportunity to break up and get with other women on the road.
I'm assuming that they are no longer together-am I right?


In some cases no news is good news about her i wish her only well really after all she loves or has loved the man we do here
she is an very lucky lady..
Mama san;177303 said:
No idea, Michael!
I haven't heard a word about her
for a very long time!
God bless,
Mama san

Yea, I think that they might not be together anymore. It has been a while since I have heard or seen anything about her.


ste is fit
yes i asked that question a while bk if they were still 2 gether , nobody seems to know ...... ive not even seen any recent pics of him with her , steven does usually go to movie premieres but not even seen any of him at them recentley !!!! so i would like to know if anybody finds out thanks x


Maybe its an need to know thing and we dont need to know all we should care about is him and be here for him and all that..


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Maybe Don Fauntleroy knows this, because he knows Steven and worked with him....


He only seems to answer the guys questions or maybe the ones us females ask are to hard to answer...but thats ok us girls should know better..or maybe she got tired of him and his ways..


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Even if they did break up, I'm sad for the both of them. I just hope it was on good terms and they can still be friends since they have a kid together.
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