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    Hello everyone...this is going to be sort of backwards to an introduction..this is my goodbye. First,I will still be around my fan groups & site that I have for Seagals fans-but actually have more time for them & my other sites/groups :) I will not have to fight & battle with certain people...
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    "Miss Ellie" dies

    Very sorry to hear this news-she will be missed
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    Seagal's First Martial Arts Teacher: Master Fumio Demura.

    Thanks for the article LD
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    Celebrity Fit Club

    Naw-not his cup of tea
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    Got Signed Photos

    ONce upon a time he sold those autograph dolls on his site-but he has yet to sell photos??
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    mala beads

    Well I did find on his store site one Crystal Mala listed for $25
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    Laughter is the best medicine (part 2)

    Gods email > >>> > >> >God's e-mail............ > >>> > >> > > >>> > >> > One day God was looking down at Earth and saw all > >>of > >>the > >>> > > rascally > >>> > >> > > >>> > >> > > behavior that was going on. He decided to send an angel down > >>to > >>> > >> > Earth > >>> > >...
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    Superman Dies...

    Yeah I read this very sad news this morning-boy that family has had a very bad time of it....tuff lady & I wish her well
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    Animals (part 2)

    Oh sure Heather...should I get the mother cat some false teeth? Speaking of that-I watch the animal planet programs a lot & really glad to see the little wheelchair like they have for animals who can't use their back legs!
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    Steven Seagal at Romania !!

    Thank you Clarissa for the translation
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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    Bottom lip ain't my fault-the rain got stuck here all day :( I will put on my indian mocassins & get to my rain dance for ya Anneliese :)
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    Animals (part 2)

    The mother won't let anyone that close to see the he's & she's :) I suppose I could ask for a raise of paws
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    Hi there everybody!

    Welcome to the group Randy
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    what am i missing?

    I don't have the DVD either,so can't answer ya on that
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    Animals (part 2)

    Yeah I'm surprised that the mother cat is still nursing the kittens-we feed them regular cat food occassionally & she doesn't allow them to have any....guess she recalls when she was little & her mother would share her food with them-none got enough :) Any name ideas for the 3 furrballs? The...