Amos Stevens

Amos Stevens

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Hello everyone...this is going to be sort of backwards to an introduction..this is my goodbye.
First,I will still be around my fan groups & site that I have for Seagals fans-but actually have more time for them & my other sites/groups :)
I will not have to fight & battle with certain people who have taken over this forum-sad to see it end this way,but I ain't the one paying for it so that is Craigs unfortant end.
There is also an petty gossip going around that one of the members that I temp banned began out of revenge regarding that I am the same person as my cousin Annette...sigh,this isn't the first time this has been said-nor will it probably be the last. All I can say is that it's untrue-people I have met in person has vouched for me-I could post my photo-I could stand on my head & yell that I am a male,that Annette is my cousin,but it ain't worth it,because all I can do is speak the truth & either you believe it or not-life goes on & it's too short to worry about what everyone thinks.
I wish you all well,as I said my friends know where to contact me-congratulations to the new owners of this site!


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Oh, don't go, Amos! You are one of the best people here! I love your wry sense of humour - and those blunt instruments you're always threatening to use on various people with various ailments!

This is so bloody unfair.

:( :( :( :(


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At times we did bump heads Amos and you know that, but you know I never wanted to see you go. Another great personality we have lost at this place.

Sorry to see this Amos, you will be missed.
Amos, you're a cool dude. Sorry to see you go. If it means anything, I always thought, and still do think, that you and the other moderators do a great job. I can understnad you going. All I can say is keep the faith, brother. I'll miss you around these parts.


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Leave for your own reasons but never leave because of bullies. If you change your mind you will always be welcomed back. Still sad to see a member go just because of certain people. The banned member as we all know is quite an outspoken one. I think me and him had more problems 2 years ago then you and me ever. Take care and best wishes then mate. Thanks for Mario help ;)


This sucks!!!!..Why do you have to go were you pushed or did you jump?...As for being an male of course you are and for some one to say that you are your cousin Annette thats an load of bull...Please re-consider one day to come back ...dont be an stranger ok? i said its there you have always been an good freind fair enough now and then you had to have an word to me but hey thats what freinds are for to be there for each other....


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Amos, All I have to say is billybob, maryellen, johnsimon, cindylou. It don't matter. I think what is important here is that we like you and do not want to see you go. Please think of the message you are sending to the perpetrator of these allegations. Stay because we like you not because someone wants to play head games. PL.


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I am sooooooooooooooo sorry for hear this.. You are respectful person and you are very good friend.. I understand you very well.. but What can we do for the change your decision?
what a bad news !!! :(:(:(


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AMOS, I realy hate to see you go! I enjoyed your post's and your humor.I think you are a cool guy.I wished you would change your mind and STAY!!!!
But if not, take care and GOOD LUCK,whatever you do.

I am going to miss you!!! :(



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Hate to see you go my man....looks like I'll have to be the ornery one now.
I wish you luck, light, and wisdom.


Well I just heard of this and wanted to post don't go Amos I would be lost without your spot.

Love Always

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