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    Hey, how r u? Glad I found you on the new site.
    Hmm, i got 2 results. One had no pic, the other had some people. This is harder than i thought!
    If you wanna give it a go, search "Dean Presho", i think it should come right up.
    aww. I have to say thoguh, i love that you called your cat ShadowMan. I once joked that if i had son i'd call him Nico.
    Ok, i'll give that a go. And yes,i forgot that my real name isn't my display name! lol
    i do indeed have facebook, but i can't seem to add a friend via an email address. And your name turned up tons of results. If you wanna add me, search my name, i think i'm the only result.
    cool. I like the song. It's not actually a Beach Boys original though.
    I'm lucky enough tob e able to take a bit of sun.
    Rhode Island? Wow, Near/Close of Providence? Anyway, Lots of luck with your Healing Entity stuff, the reflexology, etc...sounds amazing, hope you can make it for a good living, Bye Barb!
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