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    Actor Patrick Swayze has Cancer....

    i really hope he gets through this. all the best wishing you well and praying for you love rachel x x x
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    Seagal's court brawl wraps

    thank god its finally over its about time too ;-)
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    you ll love it even if you did no what happened at end
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    Seagal dances *g*

    i can tell glimmerman i mean its obviously meant to be funny so why not laugh its a joke ha ha lol x
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    Seagal dances *g*

    well its not as if its steven dancing so why not laugh
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    Seagal dances *g*

    lol thats cool really funny
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    wow i just watch urban justice this morning and i think its great loved every minute of it and my son watched it to as he was quiet all way through and thats saying summit as he usually only quiet when i put under seige on for him loved the fight scenes especially been waiting for it for ages...
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    Bunny69, Happy Birthday.......

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    Members Photos...

    its good to be able to put faces to names x bit of a rubbish pic but best one i could find right now lol x
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    Love Doctor - MP3 Download

    thanx only just found this lol love it
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    Action Wednesday TV Spot

    just watched this thanx was good x
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    Music Steven's New Album "MOJO PRIEST"

    i agree deffinatly no other better men than steven and he always brightens my day weather im cleaning or doing the ironin could watch or listen to him all day x
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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    lol you bitch, righty so as far as im concerned
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    kelly lebrock and no its not the same without gordon ramsay lol
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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    i would be pissed too i cant watch things like that as it makes me sick knowin people can be so cruel to another living being