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  • Dear friend,

    My name is Igor and I am writing from Ukraine. May be you have any double stuff from mags./newspapers of Steven. I am coolecting stuff of him. Can you help me? May be you know anyone in person who can help me.

    Hoping for your kind reply and help.

    Take care,

    Igor, Ukraine

    My email:
    I can't wait to buy it!! We had some cool weather for a couple of days but it is back to normal again. Hot and humid!! Ah Kansas you just got to love it to live here!!LOl

    How are you doing handsome?? Good I hope!!
    Hey Handsome, thank you for the complement!!;D We had alot of rain the last two days and the temps went down some, so that is good. It has been an awful hot and humid summer here.

    You have a great weekend too!!
    Hey friend. Well I think you are goodlooking!!;)

    I am going great, busy too. Life is good!! Not much news here Clement!! Stay in touch OK?
    Hey goodlooking!!!!!!!!! Where have you been????????? Haven't heard from you in ages.

    I am doing great!! So good to hear from you!!
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