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    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    They have been experimenting with this lately. It sounds great but in all honesty it will likely play in one theatre for a week. These deals are made merely as an incentive for people to rent it VOD. They see that its also in theatres and they can watch it at home, which sounds cool to many...
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    Gutshot Straight (2013)

    Wow, that cover isn't a rip off of the Smokin Aces movies or anything.
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    A little idea: Under Siege 3 directed by Roel Reiné

    If there ever is an Under Siege 3, this is the only way I see it being done. Reine being the obvious choice considering his success with low budget sequels. I doubt the budget would be that high but Reine makes movies look huge for small budgets.
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    Lack of Seagal News.

    Here is some news. Seagal is evidently in Gutshot Straight doing somethings he's never done.
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    Television Lawman Season 3 Release

    Reelz channel has just aqquired all seasons of Lawman including the lost third season. Airing begins in January for the new season. -Via Reelz
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    Why am I a Seagal Fan?

    I should have never have posted this. I should have known that everyone will do anything to save face with him. I wasnt talking about any other movies except Seagal's. If Lundgren is ripping people off then thats a different story (he actually cares for his fans, however). There shouldnt be any...
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    Why am I a Seagal Fan?

    I stand by what I said. Atleast Snipes and Lundgren dont use doubles or dubbing. The producers rarely did that, its Seagal. In his contract it states that he will only be on set 3 hours a day. This is an issue, this is why there are doubles. Stories can blow but the ripping off I am talking...
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    Why am I a Seagal Fan?

    I check here as much as possible, I guess its become a habit. I believe it was around 2006 when I decided to give Seagal movies a chance. I started with the bad ones and worked my way to the good ones, basically what ever movie I saw, I grabbed it. I am sad to say that I watched Shadow man and...
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    Should Seagal return with Julius Nasso?

    Regardless of how Nasso is now, I can't say I would ever reccomend he team up with him again. They had their issues, not to mention the guy is a convicted felon, someone who stained his name in the industry isn't exactly going to be getting projects thrown at him. I don't think teaming up with...
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    Force of Execution

    Woah, why are you calling him Fat Rhames? Steven is just as fat and I'm sure he doesnt need a stunt double to walk.
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    Force of Execution

    Just posted this to twitter and Lauro was cool enough to respond. Glad to hear Steven is trying
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    Gutshot Straight (2013)

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    Gutshot Straight (2013)

    He is listed on the Facebook page so I asked about it and here is what they had to say: Any info on a role featuring Seagal? It was posted on IMDB today. Like · Gutshot StraightDerek, we will have more info very soon. Thank you for your patience. 12 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 It seems it...
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    Kelly LeBrock insulting Seagal?

    Look, I am a fan but you guys seriously are too much. Not everything he does is good. It is well known that Seagal abused LeBrock and cheated on her among other things. There isnt a vast conspiracy to make up rumors about Seagal. I like his work but he is definitly a womanizer and not a very...
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    Force of Execution

    Actually, shooting in LA means a smaller budget. Money goes further in Canada or Bulgaria. LA means much cheaper.