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  • Hello Love Nice To Meet You Dear.
    i love ur profile,
    am miss venesaa
    please contact me
    here in my private
    email ok
    Please don't be offended i have more to share with you please write me with my Email ID [] Hope To See You Seen Dear, THANKS Miss Venesaa.
    Hey G-Man. How's it going old friend? It's Mick from Yorkshire still swinging ****! LOL.
    Hey Homeboy, hope all is well with and for you. I am proud of you, very pleased your a fellow LEO. One year, usually in May here in the states, you should come to DC for the National Police week. If you ever do, please advise and I'll be there to hang out and be obnoxious.
    I am fine GM, how are you? Staying busy I assume.But it is good to see you!!

    I thought somebody was watching me, or watching over me.Was that you?????????:D:D:D

    Take care
    Yo GMan, you alright? You get with the department out there? Ever join the military like you were thinking of? What's new? Hope your well.
    Hi long time no see..some of us do miss you.. ohh do you remember Jalu she is back ..looks like the old ones are coming back..hope you are well..iam still dishing it out to people..
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