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  • I don't comprehend these peoples that hate Seagal? I've studied them in their threads/postings in times past to present. It's my firm belief they've taken quite a likings to the STATUS QUO of the aged old 'blue eyed' 'blond haired' mind-set, could be kind of 'white supremacist mentality' ? These haters won't accept Steven Seagal's brown eyes and black hair hero image. These haters want to keep the 'film hero' in the steps of Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood fashion(all of whom have either blue eyes or green eyes, and all had lighter colored hair) What say ye? Do you think my theory has credence? These peoples want to keep the example of hollywood film heroes in the blond haired and blue eyed image? These haters of Steven Seagal kind of sound like nazis
    Hi JT Jr.
    Am uncertain of wom the creator/illustrator of this water-color painting of Steven Seagal? Maybe we could ask Craig Robertson the 'origin' of this threaded/posted painting? How r u ?
    Well visit whenever you can and thanks for being a SS fan. I hate to always hear about the negative things in people. I like to hear the positive. Have a good one.
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