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    Best non-martial art fight scenes

    Listen up everyone how could you omit the greatest fight of all... the one between Austin Powers and mini me in their space suits. ok ok...but it was hilarious luv & peace Mandy
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    All Action Heroes Go To Heaven !!

    I love you Steven. Weight weight weight. I bet if he weighed 150 pounds & looked like a weed people would be booming him up. For some odd reason the more bones that show through the more praise you get. Have you seen Lara Flynn Boyle lately. Personally I love the way he looks in Exit Wounds and...
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    Top 10 things I like about Steven Seagal

    Actually Lotus I dont care whether he walks, waddles,hops, jumps, tiptoes or crawls, as long as its in my direction. Love that Man! Luv & Peace Mandy :)
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    Top 10 things I like about Steven Seagal

    Big Steve can duck waddle towards me anytime he likes. Luv & Peace Mandy
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    Bad Seagal News In

    Hi all Heres my two cents worth. Steven and Arissa did have an affair while he and Kelly were together because Arissa fell pregnant to him and thats one of the reasons they seperated, and why Kelly was so devestated. Also didnt Kelly put in her divorce application that Steven beat her up. I...
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    Let's discuss The Patriot...What are your thoughts?

    Lookie here all Steven in The Patriot, is really so gorgeous, that I readily forgive its shortcomings as a film and just feast my eyes on that handsome hunk. He's got the look! luv & peace Mandy
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    Seagal movies in order of preference

    Here Goes 1)Glimmerman...he shows a nice sense of humour in it. 2)Exit Wounds...he made an effort to look really good in this. 3)Out For Justice...dont f... with Seagal 4)Marked For Death...Offbeat. 5)Under Siege... oh yeah baby. 6)Under Siege one beats me in the...
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    Just Received "Half Past Dead" On Region 1 DVD

    Hi there I really liked Half Past Dead, it was Steven being Steven again. The Foreigner was a bad movie because it was too complicated a plot and there wasnt enough Seagal in it. He shouild stick to what he does best. I bought HPD but I passed on TF. Luv & Peace Mandy :peace:
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    The Foreigner: Top Ten in DVD/VIDS : from the People UK! !!

    Thanks for the nice welcome back. You're all so nice. Glad to see some agree with me on The Foreigner. Im really waiting to see Half Past Dead. Its due for release on dvd here in a few weeks. Im hoping its more of a Seagal movie where we actually see a lot more of him. By the way Im arranging a...
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    The Foreigner: Top Ten in DVD/VIDS : from the People UK! !!

    Hi everyone. Im back after a few weeks after tripping over on my porch & breaking two ribs. And what fun it is too...Not! The dumb thing is it had been raining for awhile & I had just told the kids to be careful on th slippery porch & I went arse over tits & came a cropper. Im in...
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    "Fanny Pack" ???

    Down Under, if you'll pardon the pun a "fanny" is the vagina as well. Thats why we laugh when we watch American TV and they talk about their "fannies". luv & peace Mandy
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    My opinion

    Hello Everyone This has all been very interesting reading. I think the point is that we all like or love or adore or worship Steven for totally different reasons. Some like the man himself, some like the screen idol, others the personality. Some like him for his life views, others for his...
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    Mistakes in Seagal movies

    Please forgive me and ignore that last post of mine. Something weird came over me and I couldnt resist. Does that make me a sad individual? LOL.:o :confused: :eek: ;)
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    Mistakes in Seagal movies

    "I was singing in the shower when I felt the power..Diarhea Diarhea" "I was sitting on the grass when I felt a blast from my ass..Diarhea Diarhea......"
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    Much trouble for Robert Conrad!!

    Amos, you've impressed me. I have always liked Robert Conrad and knew about his three most popular TV shows but never guessed he'd been in all those films! Truly amazing. Thanks for the info.:) luv & peace Mandy