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  • Hello Maurizo,

    Ganz gut. Ich lebe in Kansas,USA. Mein english is besser den mein deutsch. Ich habe so vieles vergessen.
    Hope you will have a good weekend. Nice to hear from you!!;)
    ahaha I've been at least 5 times to germany, munchen, stuttgart, nrnberg dusseldorf, liked it a lot especially stuttgart and nurnberg. Ich kann sehr gut Deutsch ich wohne in Sudtirol und dort studiert man Deutsch als zweite Sprache. Ich kann auch Franzosisch und moechte gerne Japanisch lernen...You should come to Italy youwould love it! Nice landscapes, friendly people and best food in the world!
    Hi Maurizio,

    Nice to meet you!! I am also from Europe. Germany, but I have lived in the USA a day or two.;)
    I am a Leo born July the 25th. I was born and raised and went to school and college in Germany.I also believe in God, always have. I love all kinds of music.Country and Western, Pop etc. Have you ever been to Germany? I have been back once since I have been here.Never been to Italy, but I have been to France,Switzerland, Luxemburg,London,England ( just at the airport) I have seen alot of states since I have been here in the USA. Also been to Hawaii twice. I guess you can tell I like to travel.

    It is nice to hear from you. Like I said before your pictures look great. Seems like you were having alot of fun.

    Take care
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