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    Seagal Mocked on E!'s: The Soup.
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    What trailer? Where is it?
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    A high quality trailer from the director Sheldon Lettich:
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    So suzi have you seen him? Do you have any new details about the movie?
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    Review : Shadow Man

    So the movie turned to be not bad at all. The regular stuff you get from Seagal dtv. For me it was on the same level as mercenary for justice, but still i liked mfj a bit more. What i hate about most of the dtvs, the story is so dumb, it serves only an excuse for the action and has nothing that...
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    Steven at Moscow
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    Making of MFJ Video (As Requested)

    Big Thanx, very good documentary, shame Sony not doing this kind of features.
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    Movies Mercenary For Justice

    There are tv spots on usa and spike tv, can anyone capture them and post?
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    I share this guy opinion all the way.
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Tom what was the stock footage you mentioned?
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    I saw the final version and in my opinion, it was pretty decent, at least an improvement over submerged and today you die, seagal looked good action looked good and there was alot of it. Not saying it's a masterpiece it has a lot of flaws which other reviewrs mentioned but still it was above...
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    just if you can't wait for april 25th there is a dvd screener floating on the net... (you didn't heard that from me)
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    Mercenary for justice is delayed for one week. The new date is april 25th. amazon dvdempire
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2005

    But it is now rated: Black Dawn (2005) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Rated R for violence, language and brief sexuality. Which means we still can see it in 2005 ---- 4 seagal movies in 2005!
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2005

    I think black dawn won't be released on november 1, cause it's not shown in the list for this date over