Attrition aka Final Mission

2018 Attrition aka Final Mission

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#3 - September 29th 2018
Got round to watching it this evening. Overall this is one of his best DTV efforts.

Thailand. The locations were a whole lot better than the Eastern European locations that were used for quite a lot of the DTV releases. The locations looked great too. The movie was well shot, found the opening scene to be quite dark and hard to make out what was happening.

Decent plot, not confusing. No CIA this time..

The fight sequences were well put together, well edited. You could see what was going on, not like some of the edits in previous films that were shot too close. Shoot outs were good too, opening sequence i thought it was Maximum Conviction at first..

Supporting Cast:
Good job from them, some decent acting in various scenes. No big name Western stars, but the cast did a great job.

You could see stunt double in quite a few of the fight sequences, but really it didn't affect the overall look of the scenes. Mostly it was shots from behind or quick cuts that you could see it wasn't Seagal.

Voice Dubbing:
Whew, good here too. No voice dubbing present.

Very good. Cannot fault it. Also has Seagal playing the blues in the end credits.

Weird Stuff:
The couple of dream sequences. :D

For some reason my iTunes Danish account shows English subtitles, but they didn't appear when selected. Could have done with them for the Thai dialogue as there is quite a bit throughout the movie. Something to bear in mind if you purchase Attrition aka Final Mission via the Danish iTunes store. There were subtitles for Danish, Swedish, etc and they worked ok.

Enjoyed it, you can tell Seagal put a lot of effort into this. I have said for years that Steven Seagal could still release a decent movie if he puts the work and effort into the production. Wish he had put this amount of effort into his last 20 years worth of movies as we could have had a decent catalogue of movies now. For me it will be a shame as people will see this in the stores (if it gets commercial release) and wonder whether to buy after wasting their money on movies such as 'China Salesman', 'Sniper Special Ops', etc..

I would probably say it is one of his best movies since Exit Wounds.